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YU Yutopia

YU Yutopia: Worth Rs. 25,000?

A couple months back YU Televentures was teasing YU Yutopia in full swing and calling it a beast, but is it worth the Rs. 25,000 price tag? Lets find out.

There were many leaks back in the day about the YU Yutopia, some of then were true some false. We used the Yutopia for a good 15 days as our daily driver and here are our thoughts.

Full Marks for Design & Hardware

The device has a metal uni-body design, this makes the device look stylish and premium in hand. The volume rocker and the power button, all the buttons are on the right side, Although the buttons feel tactile while pressing but the placement of the button makes the unlocking the device a bit of challenge.



The speaker is placed on the back side and it can be smudgy while watching videos or playing games.  The satin texture does make the phone quite slippery though, but you can use the included case to avoid accidents.

A Good 2K Display

YU Yutopia

The front is dominated by an excellent 5.2-inch, Quad HD IPS display along with Corning’s Concore glass.  Color reproduction and viewing angles are very good and so is sunlight legibility, thanks to some nifty software tricks, which well get into in a bit.

One of the benefits of having a 2K display on a phone is that, when watching full HD or even 4K videos on YouTube, the screen really does come alive.

Above Average Camera

The YU Yutopia is equipped with a  21-megapixel Sony IMX230 sensor with PDAF, OIS, HDR, 0.2second AF, Blue Glass filter and an 8MP front-snapper. YU Yutopia worked wonders in sunlight, in well-lit conditions and performed decently in low-light conditions.

YU Yutopia

The focusing system is not the quickest and tends to slow down even further under low-light. Capturing speed isn’t the quickest either, although this can be remedied a bit by enabling ‘Zero shutter lag’, at the cost of some sharpness and detailing.



The Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) helps getting smooth video but we noticed a hint of frame drops when panning. This issue was present while recording in 4K as well as 60fps mode. Surprisingly, the front 8-megapixel camera is actually good, producing fairly detailed selfies, both outdoors and indoors.

Battery Could be better

We got a mixed response with Yutopia here. YU has added a number of modes such as efficient, performance, balanced and even though I was mostly only the balanced mode, the phone required constant charging. There were days when the phone would easily last for hours, even with 40 per cent battery level and constant usage such as music, browsing, calls, notification alerts etc.


But then on other days, even with minimum use, the battery level would drop suddenly. I suggest you carry the charger and a battery pack at all times. We tested the fast-charging tech and it was able to charge the device pretty quick.

Really Good Performance 

For a smartphone with Snapdragon 810 processor and 4GB RAM, there’s a lot expected on the performance front. Yutopia does deliver, but not all the time. App performance is good and so is multitasking.

The fingerprint scanner is a complete hit or miss. The trouble is, the sensor isn’t very accurate and often rejects your fingerprint in the first attempt, prompting you to try again. At times, it doesn’t register it even when you place your finger perfectly on the dial while at times, it will unlock the phone when used even at an obscure angle.

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Verdict: Better options available in the same price range

YU Yutopia

In an overall package, Yutopia may not be the world’s most powerful phone, as there are plenty high-end devices that perform better.The Yutopia does have its share of redeeming qualities like the excellent 2K display, very good build and finish, quick charging, great multimedia and services integration in the OS.



However, there’s plenty of scope for improvement for the next version. At Rs. 25,000, the OnePlus 2 (Review) is still a good option.But does Yutopia make other flagships, which come with their legacy and brand value, seem redundant? For now, we can’t say it does.

Pros Cons
Good Design Failed fingerprint scanner
Good Camera Slippery in hand
Great Display After sale service is absent

Pricing & Availability

YU Yutopia is available on for Rs. 24,999.

Click here to Buy the YU Yutopia

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