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Xiaomi’s First Child’s Intelligence Product: Mi Bunny

Xiaomi the apple of china has now introduced its successor to the Mi Band and Mi Band S the Xiaomi Mi Bunny a smartwatch which is kids friendly. The watch comes with some nifty features such as a built-in GPS, SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity  and GPS/GLONASS and even an SOS button.

Mi Bunny

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Features

Some other features of the watch are one can store family members contact numbers, voice recording is also supported the watch records the history, tracks movements of the kids every day and even records routes continuously for three months. Parents can set up a safe zone for their children parents receives a warning if they leave the domain. the data has a Triple Data Encryption security.



The watch has a 300mAh battery the company claims that you can get up to six days of usage. Built is plastic with Corning food-grade liquid silicone strap. comes with LED dot matrix display. comes with some fancy colors options blue and pink compatible with phones that run on Android 4.2 and above.


The Mi Bunny is priced at ¥299 ($46). In case you are interested in buying this for your kids, you can do the same from HERE

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