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XcodeGhost Hack: Delete These Infected iOS Apps Immediately

XcodeGhost hack

The App Store just experienced its worst security breach ever – the XcodeGhost hack.

The App Store suffered its worst security breach in history over the weekend when it was discovered that hundreds of Chinese apps have a malicious program dubbed ‘XcodeGhost’ embedded in their software.

The XcodeGhost hack could also get passwords and other sensitive information from your phone by accessing the device’s clipboard. Apple said that infected versions of apps had made their way into the App Store because developers had been using a fake version of Apple’s developer code.

Apple has removed the apps from the app store, but many people could have downloaded them already.

Apple has pulled infected apps off the store to stop stop the spread, but users still need to delete XcodeGhost apps off their devices manually. Most of the apps infected are mostly used in China, however, some big name apps like WeChat, Angry Birds 2, and Didi Chuxing (Uber’s biggest rival in China) were also hit.

XcodeGhost hack

Here’s a full list of infected apps:

  • WeChat
  • Didi Chuxing
  • Angry Birds 2
  • NetEase
  • Micro Channel
  • IFlyTek input
  • Railway 12306
  • The Kitchen
  • Card Safe
  • CITIC Bank move card space
  • China Unicom Mobile Office
  • High German map
  • Jane book
  • Eyes Wide
  • Lifesmart
  • Mara Mara
  • Medicine to force
  • Himalayan
  • Pocket billing
  • Flush
  • Quick asked the doctor
  • Lazy weekend
  • Microblogging camera
  • Watercress reading
  • CamScanner
  • CamCard
  • SegmentFault
  • Stocks open class
  • Hot stock market
  • Three new board
  • The driver drops
  • OPlayer
  • Mercury
  • WinZip
  • PDFReader
  • Perfect365
  • PDFReader Free
  • WhiteTile
  • IHexin
  • WinZip Standard
  • MoreLikers2
  • CamScanner Lite
  • MobileTicket
  • iVMS-4500
  • OPlayer Lite
  • QYER
  • Golfsense
  • Ting
  • Golfsensehd
  • Wallpapers10000
  • CSMBP-AppStore
  • MSL108
  • Snapgrab copy
  • iOBD2
  • PocketScanner
  • CuteCUT
  • AmHexinForPad
  • SuperJewelsQuest2
  • Air2
  • InstaFollower
  • CamScanner Pro
  • Baba
  • WeLoop
  • DataMonitor
  • MSL070
  • Nice dev
  • Immtdchs
  • OPlayer
  • FlappyCircle
  • BiaoQingBao
  • SaveSnap
  • Guitar Master
  • jin
  • WinZip Sector
  • Quick Save.

If you’ve downloaded one of the apps on the list, we recommend deleting the apps and waiting until the developer has issued an update.

WeChat said it has already fixed the issue, which only affected people using a certain version of the app.

It’s also always a good idea to enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. This requires people to have a second form of credentials, like a code from a text message, when they log in to an account. Apple, Gmail, Twitter, and other apps and services offer two-factor authentication.

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