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WWDC 2016

WWDC 2016 Expectations And How To Watch

As mentioned earlier WWDC 2016 is happening on June 13 PST in San Francisco and there’s a lot to expect and there’s a lot of rumors and then there’s the question of how to watch the WWDC. We will address everything right here!

WWDC 2016 is slated for tomorrow, but before the live stream drops here are a few thing to know. WWDC starts on June 13, 2016. at 10 AM PST and 1 PM EST and if you are anywhere else you can click here to see when the live stream will start.

iOS 10


First and foremost  it’s safe to say that Apple is going to release the latest version of iOS called iOS 10. The biggest rumor is that Apple might drop iMessage for Android. You think that would be amazing and as exciting as it sounds it’s not going to happen and the chances are slim to none. iMessage is one of the reasons people buy an iPhone, from the pure business standpoint it’s not going to happen.

WWDC 2016
Highly Unlikely

But what might happen is that you could have the possibility to change stock apps. Yes! Android has this since 4600 years, but now if Apple allows it take full advantage of it and be happy that Apple finally did it!




On top of that, it is also expected that there will be a major design change for Apple Music, which in my opinion much needed. We don’t have any confirmation or leaks but it’s highly possible

WWDC 2016

The most exciting change for me has to be a person to person payments via Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay to send money via iMessage – Another reason why iMessage won’t be coming on Android.




There’s also a possibility of customizable Control Center with 3D touch and the ability to do more with Control Center toggles. If Apple could do that, using 3D touch to dive deeper into actions then that would be Awesome!!


WWDC 2016

This is another major update you can expect at WWDC 2016. This might be the biggest visual change on Mac side as it is speculated that Apple will rebrand OS X names from Lions to Parks and finally to MacOS. Simply MacOS, which puts the naming in line with tvOS, watchOSand iOS.

WWDC 2016

As far as features go, there’s going to be a huge update to Siri, You can expect Siri to come on MacBooks and iMacs. This was seen in when someone asked Siri to “Open an app in new window” and Siri replied that there’s no Finder on iPhone. This is a pretty solid clue that Siri is coming to MacOS or OSX




Other Updates

Along with all the iOS and MacOS madness there might be a small update to tvOS as usual and also we can expect a few Apple Watch Bands and a new watchOS. Don’t expect an Apple watch though. There’s also a rumor to get new Macs with GPU built in but don’t get your hopes too high, not gonna happen

How to Watch WWDC 2016


You can watch the live stream if you have a Apple device, just go to and click on the live stream on the day of the event.

You can also watch the event on Windows machine if you have Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge.

If you got nothing from above you can still catch up the event with us on the Live Stream we will be hosting.


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