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WhatsApp for Android updated with new features.

WhatsApp for Android updated with new features.

WhatsApp has been updated on Android with a few useful new features, including an option to mark conversations as unread and also Google Drive Backup is back and much more!

WhatsApp for Android updated with new features. Every couple of weeks, the team surprises us with new features, and keeps on refining them and improving the app’s functionality. Let’s check out what is new in today’s update

1. Custom Notifications


The most significant change in this series of updates is the new custom notifications settings. When you open a contact’s or group’s details page, below the Mute option you will see custom notifications. These let you pick a specific tone, vibration length, light, popup notification, as well as the call ringtone and vibration.

2. Mark as unread


Another addition to the app is the Mark As Unread feature.. Tap and hold on any conversation pane and you’ll spot the new feature at the bottom of the menu. It adds a green circle to your selected chat so it’s easier to spot – but it won’t affect the read status on messages within each conversation. Although it can be used as a visual reminder when you want to get back to someone later.

3.  Low data usage for voice calls


This can be useful when you’re on a limited or slow data plan. In my testing, I found that the audio quality didn’t drop, but there was the occasional moment of lag.

4. Backup to Google Drive

Under Account, Network usage, you’ll see Google Drive backup usage tallied along with the app’s media, messages, and calls. There’s still no way to trigger a Google Drive backup — the option was added several months ago then removed — so this could be a sign that Drive backups may be coming again soon or that someone on the developer team forgot to clear out these options before publishing this apk.

WhatsApp doesn’t seem to have pushed its latest version to Google Play yet, but you can download it from the company’s site.

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