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What To Expect at WWDC 2015 And Where To Watch It.

What To Expect at WWDC 2015 And Where To Watch It.

What To Expect at WWDC 2015 And Where To Watch It.

Apple’s WWDC kicks off in earnest on Monday, June 8th, and we’ll be there to liveblog the finer points of the morning’s keynote. With just two days left on the calendar before Tim Cook and company take the stage at Moscone West in San Francisco, let’s take a nice, leisurely run through what we expect Apple to show off once the weekend draws to a close.

This year’s kick-off event at WWDC will likely have a developer focus, given the nature of the event, but there will plenty for everyone to pay attention to, especially if you’re a fan of iOS, OS X or the latest new Apple device: The Apple Watch.
Here’s a roundup of what’s likely to go down at WWDC this year, along with a few far-out wishes and some cold water for previously rumored possibilities.

iOS 9

iOS 9

iOS 9, codenamed “Monarch” after the ski resort, may well be the most important topic of the conference. Hundreds of millions of people use iPhones and iPads every day, and Apple has realized that it’s time to step back from focusing on significant feature changes to improve the core experience. With iOS 9, Apple is preparing fixes, under-the-hood improvements to reduce app sizes, and better support for older devices. But new features aren’t entirely absent. iOS 9 is said to include tools for Force Touch, suggesting next-generation iOS devices will support the feature, and it may also have some important security improvements. A revamped keyboard experience may be in the works, and we may also see the introduction of split-screen multitasking and a new system wide San Francisco font.

OS X 10.11

Like iOS 9, OS X 10.11 may focus on introducing new security features, bug fixes, and stability improvements for Apple’s Mac-based operating system.

Apple is rumored to be working on a new kernel-level security system called “Rootless,” which will help curb malware by preventing access to protected system files. Apple may also convert many IMAP-based applications like Notes, Reminders, and Calendars to its iCloud Drive system to improve communication between the apps and increase security.

As far as consumer-facing features go, OS X 10.11 may gain a new Control Center that will include music controls and other features similar to the Control Center on iOS, like access to Do Not Disturb, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. OS X 10.11 may also include a new systemwide San Francisco font, which is the font Apple first designed for the Apple Watch.

iTunes Streaming Music

The big new media play at WWDC this year is thought to be the unveiling of a new streaming music service. Rumors suggest Apple is building a service to rival that of Spotify, complete with access to an on-demand library of content for a comparable subscription price of around $10 monthly. Apple has so far only taken a few tentative steps into streaming with iTunes Match and iTunes Radio, but this sounds like it could be the next big thing in online music delivery.
The service will likely be deeply integrated into an iOS 8.4 update, and it will launch in late June. To support the new service, Apple is also prepping updates including iTunes 12.2 for OS X and Windows, and an update for the Apple TV. Below, we provide in-depth details on the features, pricing, and country availability for “Apple Music” and the new iTunes Radio.

Apple Watch Native SDK

Expect your Apple Watch apps to run much faster, smoother, and more reliably starting this fall. Apple is planning to release its first beta of the native Apple Watch SDK to developers at WWDC. These native tools will allow Apple Watch developers to make Watch apps that install directly onto the Apple Watch and can utilize sensors, the Digital Crown, and the processing power of the wearable. Currently, WatchKit apps run on your iPhone and transfer data to your Watch over Bluetooth.


This is all what we are expecting at WWDC 2015. You can watch the live stream by Apple at their website. keep in mind that you need an Apple Device to watch the stream.

If you don’t have a Apple Device and still want to watch the live blog, you can watch it here. We will be live blogging the whole event live! on 8 June starting 10.30 pm Stay updated and keep checking for links on this webpage!


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