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Vysor Lets You Mirror Your Android Device On A PC Or Mac Easily Without Any App

Vysor Lets You Mirror Your Android Device On A PC Or Mac Easily Without Any App

If you’ve ever wanted to play games or use apps from your phone on your desktop – web versions of messaging apps prove how convenient desktops are – then Vysor is a new service for Android owners that might well be up your alley. Vysor Lets You Mirror Your Android Device On A PC Or Mac Easily Without Any App

Created by Koushik Dutta, the prominent Android developer behind apps like AllCast, it is a Chrome extension that recreates a fully functioning version of your Android screen on your desktop, with mouse support for touch and hotkeys. It’s worth noting that the app is currently in beta –  it leaked out via a Reddit – and it requires a USB cable for the connection.


Vysor works by remotely controlling your phone via ADB (you can check out the easiest way to install ADB on each platform here). The Chrome app will automatically detect any ADB-enabled device connected to your computer. Simply select your device and it will display your phone’s entire screen on your computer. (Windows users need to download ADB Drivers)

Remote sharing with ADB will be supported too. I’m not sure if those fancy wireless ADB root things works as of now, it’s more of hit or miss (Beta App), but you can try.

In order to set up ADB access on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open your phone’s settings and navigate to
    “About phone.”
  2. Tap several times on “Build number” until a toast notification pops up saying you are now a developer.
  3. Navigate to “Developer options” in your Settings app.
  4. Enable USB debugging.

Vysor 2 Vysor

When your device is detected by Vysor, it opens a floating resizable desktop window that mirrors the screen. You can click and drag in this window to control the phone, which is surprisingly responsive. You can even wake up the device by clicking in the window. If your phone or tablet has on-screen nav buttons, it should go pretty smoothly. If not, you’ll have to use hotkeys for some functions.

Vysor doesn’t require any additional Android app to be installed on the connected device, and nor does it require any escalated privileges to be granted by the user.

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