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Touch ID built into Apple TV remote (Patent)

Touch ID built into Apple TV remote (Patent)

Where is the new Apple TV? We’ve been waiting around for it for a while, and sort of expected some mention of it during Apple’s WWDC conference earlier this summer. That didn’t happen. But we have these rumors.

New rumors suggest the revamped box will launch by the end of this year, perhaps with a touch-enabled remote. First spotted by PatentlyApple, the patent describes not only using Touch ID for accessing the TV or, perhaps buying content, with your fingerprint, but also for controlling home automation. Apple imagines using Touch ID to open the garage door, for example or to control the thermostat.

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This fingerprint reader could serve a variety of functions such as adjusting the volume and display based on each household member’s personal preferences or automatically logging users into their personal streaming accounts. It could also serve as a means for authorizing iTunes downloads.

Plus, if Apple begins pushing Apple TV as a hub for future home automation systems, as has been speculated, the biometric remote could act as a universal controller for those features as well.

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