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Moto G 3rd Generation Listed On Flipkart Comes With 8GB Storage

Moto G 3rd Generation Motorola started selling the Moto lineup since last year and it has been a great success in India and again it’s time to see Moto G 3rd Generation after the success of Moto G and Moto G 2nd Generation.

Moto G when launched last year in Indian market did manage to grab lot of attention because it was the only phone with great built quality and specs in budget segment and Exclusive to Flipkart but slowly many Chinese companies like Xiaomi entered the Indian market later that year after watching the success of Moto G and offered value for money devices and the competition did rise since then and hence the Moto G 2nd Generation din’t get much attention as its predecessor.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.07.01 AM

Moto G 3rd Generation Specifications (We Expect)

the Mot G 3rd Generation might come with 1.7GHz Quad Core CPU from Snapdragon coupled with  Adreno 405GPU, 2GB Ram, 8GB Internal, 1080p Display, Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box and it’s an obvious that it will have 4G LTE support as well.



Flipkart First Service Finally Launched for Rs 500 a Year

Flipkart First was been teased for a long time and it had some priority services like Same Day Delivery for discounted price, In a day Delivery for Free and lot more if you are a subscriber.
Flipkart-First So today Flipkart Finally Announced the pricing and details as you can see above it’s just Rs 500 for a year and you can save a lot on your every orders even if it dose not full fill the minimum purchase order limit you don’t need to pay or else you can get it in-a-day as it’s free!

Every person who buys online and that to from Flipkart can buy things without worrying about paying extra charges for delivery.

Flipkart First Service

  • Free Shipping on all orders (subject to some conditions if you can see the * mark)
  • Discounted Same Day Delivery
  • Free in-a-day Delivery (subject to some conditions if you can see the * mark)
  • Priority customer Service

Overall it’s a great deal for those who buy from Flipkart but do see the details before subscribing to the service.

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