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Sneak Peak At Blackberry Venice

Blackberry Venice

The Android powered Blackberry is real – and already ready to be shipped. See the leaked video to have a look at Blackberry Venice in action!

With its release dates still unknown, speculations are being made about how it couldn’t be far now that someone has had the opportunity to review the blackberry Venice.

Baka confirms the presence of a physical camera button, volume rockers and a smart action key, along with a front facing speaker grille and a microSD slot.

Although at first glance it looks like a typical Android device, a closer look shows curved edges on the screen, and a slide out keyboard which, just like the BlackBerry Passport senses touch and can be used to scroll without getting finger prints on the screen, making it easier to read documents, web pages and more without your finger in the way. The weight is very balanced, it is slim and has great features from both BlackBerrry and Android, like Universal Search, Hub, and Google Services.

For a closer look at the Blackberry Venice, check out the video put up by Baka Mobile below.

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