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Snapchat Update Now Lets You Replay Snaps For A Price.


A Snapchat update rolling out today is going to introduce two wild new features to users of the app – paid replays, and a selfie-altering mode called “Lenses.”

Snap Replays

As we all know, once you have seen any snap it gone forever – and that’s the basic foundation of Snapchat – and today, Snapchat is bending its foundation to allow people to reply snaps. But it still hasn’t blow up its foundation. Now, Snapchat users will be allowed to replay more snaps, but it will cost them. They’ll be able to purchase three replays for $.99 to use whenever they want, but they can’t use them to replay the same snap over and over again.

Snapchat Update

This means that Snapcha has got a new way to earn some cash besides relying on advertisements. This is also the first time that Snapchat has offered an in-app purchase.


Trophies will grant users virtual awards and stickers based on how they use the app. For example, if you send ten snaps with your front-facing flash on, you may unlock a sticker. Snapchat says that you could earn trophies for things like earning a high Snapchat score or sending stories from

Snapchat Update

However, Snapchat won’t send you a notification when you receive a new trophy.


With Lenses, users will be able to take a selfie, then choose one of several face filters to bring their snaps to life. The filters, or so called lenses, will pop up automatically when a user’s camera is in selfie mode and they press and hold down on their face on the screen. The lenses can distort your face so you look like you’re a lot older, for example, or they can add animations and sound. The experience is just like of Photo Booth on Mac computers.

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