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Netflix India

Should You Subscribe To Netflix India?

The internet streaming giant recently went global at CES 2016, launching its services in a number of new countries including India.

As many had predicted, Netflix will increase its global footprint and launch in India. Today the company said it will come to India with competitive plans. This is excellent news for the industry and viewers as the company will provide lot of content to be streamed over the internet to its users.

However, the launch of Netflix also comes with a few potholes. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of having Netflix India.


Netflix India

Netflix is 100% uncensored

In a country where the censor board is looming around every corner, waiting to censor explicit and even mildly explicit content, Netflix comes as a boon to everyone. No one wants the lame censor board to decide what they want to see.

HD Content guaranteed

Netflix promises top notch quality streaming. Being a paid service mean subscribers expect some benefits. When it comes to watching videos (and streaming them more importantly), one expects quality and clarity, that is what Netflix is all about. So, the one thing you can expect, if not anything else, is good streaming quality.

Another good news is that, Netflix will be ad free. Netflix promises that there won’t be any kinds of Ads to interrupt your viewing experience. So Netflix is the way to go for a clear screen with high quality streaming.

Anywhere and Everywhere

Netflix India

This is the main selling point of any online streaming site. The whole idea is that you can watch your favorite content anytime across multiple devices. Netflix lets you watch any content anytime, and through laptop, mobile, tablet or even PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The best part being continuity, You can resume where you left off or binge through an entire season, the choice is yours.


Netflix India

Region Locked catalogue

Netflix has arrived in India with a number of shows and movies that are still wanting.Netflix subscribers do not have access to a lot of content due to a number of restrictions that are country specific. For example, House Of Cards, one of the best shows on Netflix and loved my thousands in India, will be unavailable on Netflix India. This is due to television channels owning exclusive rights to broadcast Netflix says it is working on bringing a full catalogue of content everywhere, and is working hard to stop proxy access.these shows in India.

Lack of proper internet infrastructure

India is still catching up in terms of bandwidth. Speeds are good these days but still has a ways to go before we’re quite there in terms of seamless connectivity. Netflix is a guzzler of bandwidth and you will you require a decent broadband speed. Movies will drain a lot of data, be it on broadband or cellular, which means you will have to shell out a lot more for that. Unfortunately, internet infrastructure is kind of sorry in India right now.

Despite not having a full catalogue, Netflix has some pretty great shows on offer which are definitely binge worthy. The first month is free so there’s no harm in trying it out before you make up your mind, is there? Let us know which is your favorite show.

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