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Shopping Becomes Social With Flipkart Ping

Flipkart Ping

Shopping now is very isolated experience, @Flipkart is bringing new product called Flipkart Ping, where you can do social shopping.

This move is because of an interesting fact that 41% of online shopping comes from mobile, and India leads the system. Consumers can choose contacts they want to share their chosen products with and have real time conversation with them

Flipkart Ping

Flipkart’s Ping can be accessed by clicking on a ‘Chat icon’ on the top-right corners of the app. Once clicked, you can simply share products with friends in your network and take their recommendations for buying a particular product. Flipkart Ping helps you in discussing your shopping by dragging and dropping with your friends on Flipkart. Flipkart Ping is revolutionary for online shopping. Now you can be social on Flipkart too! Social networking level 1000x!

However, Ping works in a way closer to WhatsApp and less closer to Facebook. This is because, with Ping, consumers get to choose contacts they want to share their chosen products with and have real time conversation with them on the Flipkart’s app.

Flipkart says that it developed ping from scratch, this is done to optimise the usage for India markets, where data connection seems to be low, it also consumes less battery.

While using Flipkart Ping you are using 1/6th of the battery you would have used in sharing conventionally says -Flipkart

Also it is to be noted that Flipkart Ping is invite only for now. Will be available on Android and iOS app. A little later it will be made free for all. A user can ping a person even when that person does not have the shopping app. The ping will be sent via SMS. The company will work towards integrating sellers and it’s customer care people on the Ping

We agree that conversations with sellers and the ecosystem are important and a part of our road map – Flipkart

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