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Samsung Testing a New Touchwiz Launcher Using the Vulkan API for Power Savings

Look’s like Samsung is just trying something  different it’s  testing a new launcher using the Vulkan API for power savings. Vulkan is low-overhead cross platform for 3D Graphics and compute API. Vulkan is not  just for gaming but it has real-world benefits in daily phone use.

Vulkan API is a very big Platform for Gaming and Graphics for smartphones. Now the Android N developer preview will include  Operating System-level suppoert for Vulkan.


At the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2016, the engineers demonstrated a new Touchwiz Launcher which had support for Vulkan. It not only improves the performance of the phone but boost your battery life and the initial test was interesting too.

The New Touchwiz launcher can offer the same performance but it will focus on the battery consumption.

The Vulkan powered launcher performs normal tasks like scrolling pages and opening the app drawer with a 6% savings in power consumption. It is not a huge digit but when you consider it  how often the launcher is used throughout the day and how many tasks are running in background.

The Engineers found that an 3600 mAh battery which was present on the Samsung galaxy S7 edge could be extended by 40 minutes by replacing the old launcher to this.

Samsung is not ready with this new launcher but when they are ready to roll out the Vulkan will be very useful for the Hardcore Gamer’s and can enhance the Gaming performance.





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