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Quick Reply To WhatsApp Messages On iOS 9.1

Quick Reply To WhatsApp Messages
Image Source: Redmondpie

Apple’s Quick Reply was launched first with iOS 8 but was confined to it’s own apps only, now in iOS 9 it has given access to Third party apps to use this functionality – and surprisingly WhatsApp has implemented Quick Reply.

Apps like Facebook Messenger and Skype were quick to hop onto the Quick Reply bandwagon, but for whatever reason, WhatsApp wasn’t as keen on making the jump that quickly. But now with iOS 9.1, WhatsApp has finally enabled its users to make use of the Quick Reply functionality in iOS.

The latest build of Apple’s mobile OS just started rolling out toward the end of last week.

If you are a WhatsApp user with iOS 9.1 you will be happy that you can Quick Reply To WhatsApp Messages on iOS 9.1

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