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OnePlus 3 Loop VR Headset Unveiled Get Yours For Just Rs. 1

It’s becoming a trend launch events happening using VR, OnePlus were the first one to do the same followed by Samsung, and Google did it at I/O 2016. VR is the future ! Rightly said carrying the VR legacy OnePlus is back with VR Launch for the new Flagship the OnePlus 3. They are calling it the OnePlus 3 Loop VR!

OnePlus 3 Loop VR

This time, OnePlus have teamed up with AntVR to bring the VR  experience. The VR headset is priced at just Rs. 1, you still need to pay for the shipping. I guess shipping charges won’t make a dent in your pockets ! Only 30,000 OnePlus Loop VR headsets will be up for grabs.

Taking One step further OnePlus is all set for world’s first shopping experience in VR for the OnePlus 3.

OnePlus 3 Loop VR
Get Your OnePlus 3 Loop VR headset for Rs. 1.

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