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OnePlus 3 to hit shelves on June 15

OnePlus is yet again ready to get down on the battle ground with it’s latest budget flagship, the OnePlus 3.  The “Budget Flagship”  niche was created by OnePlus themselves with there debut phone the glorious OnePlus One but now faces competition from the likes of Xiaomi’s and Le Eco’s and many other Chinese brands as it plans to launch it’s next flagship on 15th Of June.

OnePlus 3


The Phone will be on a nation-wide sale exclusively via Amazon at 12:30 PM IST. OnePlus recently announced that you will no longer need an invite to buy OnePlus 3. This is a good move and is been appreciated by the community. But this also means that the phones might go Out of Stock pretty soon.The phone is expected to have the latest and greatest hardware going head to head with other expensive flagship devices. With so many good devices being priced cheaply now a days the pricing  of this device is going to play a crucial role.

OnePlus  known for there weird and bold marketing moves went a step further this time by offering a VR Headset for Re.1/-  The launch is scheduled on June 14 10:00 PM IST. The launch will be VR based and can be viewed on there app .  They also created a “Blind Sale” where you would be buying the device before actually seeing it. Though this is only available in China.

Loop VR

So now that you don’t need an invite and OnePlus taking active efforts to improve their service, will you be buying the new “Flagship Killer”?  What do you think will be the specs and pricing of the new phone?  Let us know in the comments below. A Full review would be coming out soon after the release.

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