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Netflix Offline Viewing To Launch By Year End.

Reports suggests release date timeline of Netflix offline viewing mode for TV shows and movies, and report suggest Netflix Offline viewing will launch by the end of 2016.

The arena of online streaming is quiet huge and varied  at this point in time with services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and much more, but the first service that comes to your mind is no doubt Netflix.

While Netflix has been the king of content over the years, there is one feature that it still lacks; and that is Offline viewing or downloadable content. Other services like Amazon have started to let users download content for offline viewing and with the recent launch of YouTube Red, YouTube is entering the game as well. It’s about time that Netflix launched this feature.

There are numerous reasons why a user may want offline viewing, for example there are times when you have no internet connections or you are out of data, but airplane journeys are arguably the most obvious use case for offline video. Netflix has long declined to allow its users to download anything for playback offline.



When Netflix finally decides to embrace offline viewing it will be interesting to see how will they manage piracy; which is a major issue for any content provider. We are hoping to see some form of DRM lock or like of same.

Get Ready To Netflix and Chill Offline

Finally, if offline playback is coming soon, then we fully expect it to be across Netflix’s own collection of original content options initially, with third-party movies and TV shows coming at a later date.

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