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Micromax Canvas Splash Certified Waterproof and Dust Proof Phone

Micromax Canvas Splash Certified Waterproof and Dust Proof Phone


Micromax Canvas Splash is the first Waterproof and Dust proof smartphone from Micromax. Micromax is the only Indian brand which is popular in the country but these days Indian Micromax  fans are slightly disappointed as it is coming up with all similar phones with slight differences both in Bolt as well as Canvas Series.

Last year Sony Xperia Z was the phone which came as a Water Proof phone which had a rating of IP55 and IP57.

Micromax Canvas Splash is IP67 Certified phone where IP stands for Ingress Protection Rating or sometimes interpreted as International Protection Rating i.e it classifies and rates the protection so that company’s cannot cheat people. You can read in detail about it on Wikipedia.

Micromax Canvas Splash will be having same set of specs like all other Canvas devices such as a Quad Core chip with a 1GB Ram and so on, only thing i am sure about is that it will have a 5MP rear camera with flash and will be waterproof and dust proof.

Micromax Canvas Splash will be slightly priced higher considering other canvas devices. Micromax Canvas Splash might be available soon if the leak is true as from past I have noticed that after the leaks the device were launched in a week or so.

These days Moto G has done really well in Indian markets and this device from Micromax would be perfect to gain the attraction of people as it will be dust proof and waterproof whereas Moto G is just Water Repellent  so it will finally impress Micromax Fan’s.

All these leaks these days are coming from MMXNewscaster.

We will soon come up with more details on It so stay tuned!

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