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LG G5: It’s Modular!

Today LG introduces its latest flagship Android smartphone, the G5. Yes! it’s a modular smartphone.

The phone’s back is simultaneously more and less interesting — aside from a tiny G5 logo at the bottom, it’s bereft of the textured style we got in the G4. That’s not all the G5 lacks, either. Its all-metal body (finally!) doesn’t have the telltale antenna seams, thanks to a finishing process LG calls “micro-dazing,” which shouldn’t impact the phone’s connectivity at all. Meanwhile, the sleep/wake button on the phone’s back returns yet again, and this time it doubles as a fingerprint reader.





The main thing about the phone is that it’s modular. Except you can’t swap the processor, screen, or complex parts. Instead, with the press of a button on the side of the metal phone, its bottom pops out to reveal the battery and an expansion slot ready to be filled with modules and accessories, which LG collectively calls “Friends.”


To swap the modules, you press a little button on the side of the phone, and a section of the bottom of the phone pops out slightly. Just about a millimeter. LG assures us that there’s no likelihood of this ever happening on purpose — and in fact it takes a decent mount of effort and concentration to get this thing to come out. And even then only one side pops out. From there you have to pull it on your own.



Once you’ve gotten the module section out, you’ve still got a little work to do. The 2800 mAh battery is housed in here. It’s still completely removable. So if you only ever want to swap out for a fresh battery, just like you could with so many LG phones before the G5, you’re still good to go.


They should also make a statement if the modules will be compatible with future phones. If they want to go big with this idea they should keep the phone size and shape for the next years so the modules have a chance to sell.


 Display  5.3 inches IPS LCD Display
 Processor Snapdragon 820
 ROM 32GB (Expandable via Micro SD card)

16MP and 8MP Rear Facing camera

8MP Front Facing Camera

Battery  2,800 mAh (Removable)
Operating System  Android 6.0
There’s no doubt that the G5 will be one of the biggest stories of this year’s Mobile World Congress. The G5 marks a major improvement for LG and bodes well for Android competition in the year ahead. The LG G5 and its Friends will be available globally from the beginning of April.
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