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iPad Pro vs Surface Pro : The Battle Of Power Tablets

iPad Pro Surface Pro

Apple Announced the iPad Pro on September 12 and the announcement of iPad Pro has created a buzz and more of a controversy. iPad Pro Surface Pro

The new iPad Pro is the largest and most advanced tablet Apple has ever produced and faces accuses of being a Microsoft Surface Pro rip off. The Microsoft Surface Pro is – if not exact at least similar to iPad Pro – and the fact that it was manufactured long before has created the controversy. So how does Apple’s latest and greatest stack up against Microsoft’s very own hardware?

The iPad Pro is the largest ever tablet from the company that supports accessories like Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil (a stylus). It is directly in competition to the Surface Pro 4 – pegged to release in the next month with improved specs, compared to the well-acclaimed Surface Pro 3 from 2014.

Even though the sales of tablets are dwindling, the laptop-tablet hybrid Surface Pro 3 has generated good revenue for Microsoft. The newly launched iPad Pro is large-sized tablet that can also function as a laptop by hooking up a keyboard. (Similar to Surface Pro)

Specifications Comparision

iPad Pro

Surface Pro 3

Screen Size 12.9 inch 12 inch
Resolution  2,732 x 2,048 pixels 2,160 x 1,440 pixels
Weight 0.712 Kgs 0.800 Kgs
Processor Apple 64-bit A9X Intel Core i3/i5/i7
Storage 32GB / 128 GB 64GB / 128 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB
Battery Approx. 10 hours Approx 8.5 hours

1.2MP FaceTime Camera (Front-facing)

8MP iSight camera (back facing)

5MP front facing camera

5MP back facing camera

Ports Charging Port, Headphone jack USB 3.0, Micro SD card, Mini DisplayPort version 1.2, Charging port and Headphone jack
Connectivity Wi-Fi, 4G LTE (options) Wi-Fi, 4G LTE (options)
Operating System iOS 9 Windows 8.1

Smart Keyboard (Optional)

Apple Pencil (Optional)

Smart Keyboard (Optional)


Colour Options Gold and Silver Silver
Price Expected Price INR 60,000 Approx. 65,000


iPad Pro Surface Pro

When it comes to the design of both devices, the Surface Pro 3 and the iPad Pro have a lot in common. The physical size and weight difference between the two is minimal.The iPad Pro ans Surface Pro 3 even look fairly similar, especially when you match both up with their respective detachable keyboards. There is a fair chance of you interchanging the names of the device  if you wouldn’t see the logo on the device first.

Both the devices being same doesn’t mean it’s bad. Both the devices look gorgeous. And people might argue that the iPad Pro copies the looks of Surface Pro – but the fact is that iPad has always looked the same, it just looks more Surface-like when attached to a keyboard. This also does not mean that Surface Pro has copied the iPad – the Surface has always hand more edgy corners than the iPad and the difference was fairly noticeable in the design.

Winner: Tie (Personal Taste)


iPad Pro Surface Pro

The display on both the tablets look gorgeous with the huge 12.9 inch and 12-inch screens. Unlike the design, there’s a clear difference between the screens on the two devices. The iPad Pro has a .9 inch size advantage, but the real gains are seen in the resolution. The iPad Pro has a huge 265 ppi when compared to 216 ppi of the Surface Pro 3. The iPad Pro also has 2,732 x 2,048 pixels whereas the Surface Pro 3 has a much lower 2,160 x 1,440 pixels.

Whether that actually makes a noticeable difference remains to be seen, but Apple has a long history of excellent displays.

Winner: iPad Pro


iPad Pro Surface Pro

This one is hard to call. On paper, the Surface Pro 3 may end up with an advantage here or there, but iPad Pro’s focus on graphics, and its slimmer operating system, will make a difference. The Surface Pro 3 comes in three variants (i3 , i5 and i7) but none of them are clocked above 2GHz and are all dual core. The iPad Pro on the other hand claims the A9X chip is faster than 80 percent of portable PCs in terms of performance, and if that’s even close to true the iPad Pro will be impressively quick.

The major takeaway here is the ability to edit 4K videos on the iPad Pro without any hitch or any kind of lag – this by the way not even many PCs can do let alone tablets. To glorify the iPad Pro – Apple was editing two timelines of 4K video on the iPad Pro during the demo. That’s insane amount of power in a tablet.

Winner: iPad Pro as of now (further Testing Needed)


iPad Pro Surface Pro

The iPad Pro is available in storage editions like 32 GB and 128 GB. That is to say the least possible storage and the highest storage – there’s no in between – and that’s kind of sad state. On the other side, the Surface Pro 3 comes with 64 GB base model and goes all the way from 128GB to 256GB and 512GB. That is a lot of options based on your usage. To top it all of, the Surface Pro 3 also comes with a MicroSD card slot. There is nothing to worry about storage when you have the Surface Pro 3

Winner: Surface Pro 3

Conclusion: Winner differs according to your needs

The above winners and specs won’t matter to you if you are not getting what your desire out if either of the tablets. The winner obviously depends upon you, what feature is really important to you and what tablet has it.

While on iPad Pro could appeal naturally to hyper-mobile workers who value ease of use and mobility but need a bigger screen, such as for conducting corporate training, conferencing or consuming a lot of content. The Surface Pro 3 is for more of office works. The Surface pro runs full Windows 10 and is capable of running all the Microsoft apps.

iPad Pro Surface Pro
The amount of usable ports on Microsoft Pro 3

The iPad Pro is the choice of tablet for people who are into designing or are professional architects. It is also a good choice for media people who are into editing 4K videos. The iPad Pro also runs a bumped up version of Adobe Apps and one can expect more bumped up app support for the iPad Pro. This cannot be said about the Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro 3 is a desktop PC replacement – which is not capable of graphic intensive apps.

It depends on you what do you expect out of a tablet and what are your daily needs.

Who is the winner according to you?

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