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Huawei VR Officially Announced with 360-degree Sound

For the First time Huawei Launched it’s  VR Headset , However Huawei  Claims it’s VR solution is the first to offer 360-degree sound. The Huawei VR Headset was introduced at an event in China.


Huawei VR headset

The Headset Come’s with a head strap and soft padding in the front.

huawei vr headset



In terms of specs Huawei VR has the 20ms low  latency and 95-degree field of view , An anti-blue light filter to protect your eyes and the lenses support 0 to 700 degree myopia using the ring on the top.

It seems quite familiar to the Samsung Gear VR  in style and principle

Huawei also said that it has a button to switch between virtual and real content.

At the Launch, Huawei VR will offer  4,000 free movies & 40 free games &  along with over 350 panoramic images.

However Huawei did not announce the pricing of the headset and the availability.



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