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HTC 10 India Launch Set For 26th May

HTC 2016 Flagship the HTC 10 is all set for its India launch which is Scheduled for 26th May. The Taiwanese mobile maker introduced this device back in April.

Speculations were made that HTC India might offer the torn down variant of the device, with the snapdragon 652 variant called the HTC Lifestyle later HTC India did clear the doubts saying India will get the regular variant of the HTC 10 with Snapdragon 820 soc. tho we can’t say either it would be a Snapdragon 820 or 652 Powered HTC 10 Only time will tell !

As of now let us discuss the specs of the phone.
Metal construction, Worlds first camera dual OIS camera, The does packs some punch when it comes to specs, at least on paper for full specs list visit here.

The US pricing for the HTC 10 is $700($699 to be precise)  There is no information regarding any pricing or availability details. The later will be disclosed at the launch event happening in the Indian capital New Delhi on May 26th. Till then as always stay tuned !

Preet Pandya

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