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How To Bring Back The Page Layout After Android Update

Bring Back The Page Layout

So the CyanogenMod update is rolling out to users, which is built on top if Android 5.1.1. You are on this post for a reason, so let’s find out how to bring back the old menu.

Android 5.1 is great, no doubt. But it has this one annoying thing – the App Drawer or the menu. It is vertical !

People are greeted with the terrified menu which is seen as soon as you start your phone after update. Nobody likes the vertical menu and we hope Google changes the menu back to normal. In the mean time we can show you how to change the menu type.

How to bring back Paged Layout

  1. Tap the multitasking button or press and hold an empty space to go into “Edit Mode”Bring Back The Page Layout
  2. Once you are there, tap three three dots to go into settings.Bring Back The Page Layout
  3. Go to drawer settings, and under drawer settings tap on “Layout” to change theĀ layout from “Vertical” to “Paged”


That’s it, you are done Say goodbye to the annoying Vertical menu.

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