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Here Are The OnePlus 2 Exclusive Images You Must See!




We Have Few OnePlus 2 Images ahead of Launch for you guyz take a look and let us know hat you feel about the design!

The above picture is same as we showed you earlier last week and the design has just slightly changed on the back which includes a Laser Auto Focus which was missing earlier on OnePlus One and apart from it the material used is just same as earlier if we have to believe just looking at the pictures (Sandstone Black) .



Also we informed you that OnePlus 2 will have a Finger Print Scanner and USB Type C Port for charging and that still holds true if you look at the above images.



Also OnePlus goes one step further this time by adding a metallic frame to the device to make it look more premium and also in the bottom left picture you will see that they have added a button which might be like iPhone that will just be used to keep the phone on silent and on normal mode or maybe it will be a shutter button for taking pictures.



Also OnePlus 2 will come with maybe Dual Sim or it can have a Hybrid Sim tray which will accept Sim 1 and Sim 2 / SD card which makes it expandable as well, also OnePlus 2 has a removable back cover and removable battery which every user wants now a days as battery has always been an issue for everyone but OnePlus team has added in a 3300mAh battery and it should be great we feel.

Also you can add yourself to the list here for an Invite.

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