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Google I/O

Google I/O 2016 Top Announcements

Google’s I/O 2016 annual developer conference has kicked off in San Francisco, with the opening keynote hosted by Sundar Pichai and chums, announcing a range of developments for Google and Android. Read More.

The Important Google I/O 2016 Announcement

Google Assistant

Google I/O

Google kicked off Google I/O detailing Google Assistant. Assistant is actually a revamped version of Google Now. It has gotten even better and understands better human natural language.

Where you’ve previously been able to ask Google questions, the idea is that Assistant will have a better idea of why you’re asking a question, so it can take the next logical action.



For example, when you now ask “Who is the President of America?” Google will give you the result and then you can continue asking Google “How Tall is he?” and it will give you back the right answer.

Pretty Neat! Taking things further, Assistant is designed to work across all your Google properties, making everything smarter.

Google I/O
Partners with Google Assistant

Android Instant Apps

Google I/O
Android Instant Apps

Google announced Instant Android Apps, which lets you instantly access an app without needing to download it. This represents a fundamental change to how apps are managed, the idea being that you can access some app’s services without having to install the entire app.

For example, you might want to pay for parking, but don’t want to download an app just for one single payment. With Android Instant Apps, you’ll be able to get just the part you need to pay for your parking quickly and easily.




Ideally, this might mean you can buy things through an app, rather than through a browser, using Android Pay.
Android Instant Apps will take a while to implement, but thankfully it’s going to be supported on devices all the way back to Jelly Bean.

Android N

Google IO

Major updates to Android happen every year and Google is currently working through the alphabet with its codenames. This year’s update goes by Android N. Google outlined many of the new features in Android N, which is designed to be faster and more productive than previous editions, with a range of new features, like split – screen and much more.

You can find the full list of Android N Features here in our previous post.




Google is inviting everyone to submit suggestions via We’re still voting for Nutella. Go and cast your vote!!

Google Allo and Duo

Google I/O
Android Allo

This was one of the most tricky announcements we heard at Google IO 2016. When everyone is striving hard to unify all the messaging apps, Google decides to go the other way – diversify the communication apps.

Regardless, Google announced the new messaging App – Allo. It includes Google Assistant integration, smart photo recognition and a focus on emoji. It taps into neural networks and Google search to smarten up your text conversations. The smart integration from Google Assistant means that if you’re discussing where to have dinner with a friend, for example, you’ll be able to find locations and even make bookings through OpenTable from inside Allo without having to leave it.




Allo taps into your conversation history to come up with suggestions of what it thinks you want to say as a response. Responses will be personalized based on how you converse as well.

It features an Incognito Mode, which includes end-to-end encryption, message expiration, and private notifications. If you shut down the chat it’ll be deleted and gone forever, perfect for private conversations.

Google I/O
Google Duo

In addition to chat, the company is also taking on video, with a new app called Duo. This is designed to be a streamlined video chat companion to Allo, built to be lightweight and fun, and work well on poor connections. Duo also has this new feature called “Knock Knock” which allows you to view the video feed of the person who’s calling you without even picking up the call. Well, it could get awkward sometimes but yeah, it’s there.

Both Allo and Duo will be available later this summer for iOS and Android.

Android Wear 2.0

Google I/O
That Keyboard doe.

There’s not a significant update for Android Wear in terms of visual perspectives, but Android Wear 2.0 is designed to be better for fitness, automatically detecting the sort of activity you’re doing, as well as offering other options, like starting your Spotify music when you head out for a run.
It’s all mostly backend stuff which will make running your smartwatch even smoother.




Google is also adding a keyboard to Android Wear, meaning that LTE connected devices will work as a much more complete messaging device, allowing you to do more.  Kind of a stupid idea, but yeah, that is also there

It’s only in the preview as Google says it will take a lot of time to get right, but it holds exciting possibilities. Let us know in the comments section below on what you feel!

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