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How To Get Android L Features On All Android Devices

Android L is the all new Android version and it is still in Developing stage but as we have seen many great Android L Features highlighted at Google I/O 2014¬†we can’t wait anymore to see on our devices, obviously we all won’t get the Android L update so here are few Apps that you can install and enjoy as well as show off your friends!


Watch and read full details below to get all of these features right now!!

The way we look on notifications right now will completely change on Android L, Yes they are Inspired by iOS but there are few changes and tweaks they have added which makes this notification style more useful for daily usage.

NiLS Lockscreen Notifications is the App that you will need to get the android L style Notifications working on your devices.

Android L wallpaper is cool and simple and will give your device the Android L look.

Android L Wallpaper – Simple and easy to apply, also you can search on web for the wallpaper in case you don’t want a separate App!

Android L Keyboard looks like you have applied a theme on your keyboard it’s so cool and stylish also works fine!

Android L Keyboard – Simply easy to install just follow the steps and enjoy experiencing it!

These were few highlighting features that you will see on Android L and you must be used to it till it goes official!

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