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Get The 72 New Emojis On Your iPhone Right Now

This post is for all you mug freaks out there, there’s nothing more exciting than introduction of new emojis to express your emotions. In this post we will show you how to get the new emojis for your iPhone without jailbreak.

While iOS 10 is set to receive these new emoji characters that are part of Unicode 9.0 release eventually, these are not bundled with the current beta as yet. But if you want to get up and running with those new emoji characters, regardless of whether you’re running iOS 9 or iOS 10 beta, then we have just the trick for you, and best of all, it does not require any jailbreak.



How to get New Emojis

Step 1

Go to your iDevice and go to Emojipedia and the first thing you will see is the new emojisIMG_3683

Step 2

Select the whole thing from the firs line till the last emoji and copy it in clipboardNew Emoji

Step 3

Open Notes App and the paste the whole thing in a new note. Tap and hold on whichever new emoji you want to use, then select Copy.IMG_3685

NOTE: This can then be pasted into the stock Messages app as part of any iMessage you are about to send.

It may not be ideal having to exit out of the messaging app of choice to copy and paste from the Notes app, but Apple is likely to integrate these new characters into iOS 10 in a future beta meaning that they will be available natively in the keyboard itself.





Having said that, it’s also nice to see a neat little trick that doesn’t require the device to be jailbroken before it will work. If you can’t live without your emoji, then this is the trick.

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