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Franz: Unify All Your Chat Services

Have you ever felt like you are switching between too many chat services to chat with people? I’ve been in the same boat and frustrated, until I found this wonderful app, Franz. Franz will unify all you chat services into one single app!

Gone are the days when you’d have to switch between apps to chat with people. With almost all chat services using web or desktop app (Except WhatsApp, for some stubborn reason) Franz groups all of the apps into one.


Being dependent on so many different messaging platforms is just plain frustrating. There are so many times where I have to switch from one browser tab to another, back to a messaging app, then to my mobile phone – just to pass some simple information or find an appointment with colleagues or friends.


Franz is a free messaging app that combines chat & messaging services into one application. WhatsApp, Slack, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, Skype, and Grape are currently supported with more to follow soon.

You can add multiple instances of each service, such as for each Slack team you’re in, to organize even further. Malzner hinted that he’s working on a Windows version of Franz in the future too.



The other good news is that Franz is completely free, Yes! and it’s actively developed so new features are being added regularly.

Download from here! (Mac)

Franz Windows Beta Program

Franz for Windows
Franz is officially launching the Windows Beta Program. Everyone that wants to help us bring a great messaging experience to Windows is more than welcome to join the program.

» Signup here.

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