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Find The Right Android Phone For You

Right Phone For You

With many Android phones to choose from, here’s a great place to start. Answer three or more quick questions, and this site suggest phones just for you. The website is developed by Google to help people choose the right phone for you.

Once you click on ‘Get Started’ you’ll be greeted with a few options as seen below, to choose your preferred features and it’s importance to you. Options like “Taking Photos”, “Listening Music” , “Productivity’ and more. After you click on your preference you will be asked to choose the degree of your, say for example “Listening Music”. After doing the same process with at least three different categories, you can proceed forward with seeing the various options you have for your preferences.

Right Android Phone For You


This website is a blessing for Android phone users!

The site uses algorithms to analyse your preferences and suggest the phones which best suits your in your preference area. It is a really great tool to bring you only the related Android phones for you to choose from the vast oceans of a lot of Android phones out there.


The better part about this site is that is gives you side by side comparison of the phone options you have. You get to see all the specs and the features, it also shows the best features on the selected phones. You can scroll through the phones to find the right one for you. You also have the option to mail the phone comparision to you.

In our opinion it’s a great time saver and useful tool. You should definitely check the site out: Choose your Phone


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