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Facebook M, Facebook's New Personal Assistant

Facebook M

We are all aware about Siri, Cortana and Google Now, but yesterday our favourite social media platform, Facebook launched “M”.  M is Facebook’s very own text-based virtual assistant, which is also integrated with Facebook Messenger.

What is different though that M relies on both human and artificial intelligence to fulfill requests. This is something that both Siri and Cortana need to catch up on.

Facebook M

The personal digital assistant M is powered by artificial intelligence that is trained and supervised by people. It will offers users information from today’s weather to any general knowledge question. Users can message M similar to any other Messenger or even record a message and send.

The acquisition of back in January feeds the human side of the project, the “trained and supervised by people” part mentioned by Marcus.

M will be able to do things on your behalf where the human input comes in, it will be able to get gifts for your loved ones, book restaurants, help plan events and make appointments. For example, M can actually find and buy products for you, or look up information. The service can even book restaurant reservations, travel arrangements and other appointments. You can ask for dining recommendations in a new city, or gift ideas for a friend. After a few taps later, M should have everything taken care of.

Facebook M

The difference from other virtual assistant and Facebook M is that you can only Chat, there’s no actual speaking. This does not mean it’s bad, some people don’t like to talk to phones in public places. And the fact that is has spot on results is good enough reason to overpower Facebook M over other speaking assistants.

At present Facebook M is in very limited beta but would be made into an at-scale service. M would live in Messenger for now, using data from within in and not the main Facebook app. We’ll take a deeper look at M when it becomes available

Facebook M

David Marcus also added that Facebook is planning to hire thousands of M trainers in the future. This artificial intelligence assistant can be good for Facebook’s financial strength, since it can generate money via various partnerships with businesses.


Facebook is trying to get into all possible areas by splitting it’s app more and more. For some is’t just annoying as you have to download a new app for service you already use, but for some it’s a good thing as they are not tied up to the whole thing and can use the services which they like. Let us know what do you feel about the Personal Assistant M

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