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Facebook Enhances the ‘Like’ button

Facebook has rolled out it’s much-awaited feature: Enhanced Life button!

Facebook has been testing this new feature since long, it was available to random people at random times but is now available to users worldwide.

Facebook jots-down human emotions to 6 basic emotions: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry



Now instead of a Like count, posts will display the total Reaction count, and show the icons of the most popular Reactions. This way, Facebook doesn’t have to clutter the feed with individual counts of each emotion. If you do want to know the breakdown, you can tap the Reaction count and see who felt what.

This design is smart because if you don’t want to use Reactions, you don’t have to, and there aren’t six buttons on every post.




Like: Facebook designed Reactions so Liking is still as easy ever. You’ll see the Like button on every post, but now if you tap and hold on it (or hover on the desktop), the Like will expand to reveal the other emotions: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. Drag your finger across and you can select one.

Sometimes when a friend shares a post about a tragedy or something that annoys them, it doesn’t feel right to Like it, and commenting can be awkward, but you still want to express empathy.



For example, if something sad happens to a friend, Liking isn’t right, but adding a generic “sorry” comment can feel cold. By hitting the animated Sad button, you can express your condolences and solidarity.

By adding Reactions, Facebook will now have a much more accurate perception of what we feel and what kind of posts resonate with each of us. It could eventually use that knowledge to better filter the News Feed to show more things that Wow us.Eventually, if you enjoy getting your blood pumping, it could show you more posts that stir up Angry reactions. Or if you’re addicted to cute cats, it could surface more Loveable pet photos.




By standardizing emotions, Facebook could make it easier for people to connect across language barriers. I might know enough Spanish to read a friend’s post, but not how to comment with any kind of complexity. Now I can leave a Reaction, and be confident they understand what I mean.



Also, it looks likeFacebook seems to have blatantly copied Path’s design for the expandable Like button with extra emotions.

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