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Everything We Know About OnePlus 2 Before The Official Launch

OnePlus 2

As the launch of Oneplus 2 is getting closer, Oneplus is giving more teaser on it’s new flagship maybe a flagship killer. This time David S (devildv on reddit) an official member of Oneplus teases the fans in the convo going on reddit. When asked about the different versions of oneplus two by a fan he posted this,

OnePlus 2

Also, this all got confirmed when a fan asked about the battery performance and camera improvements

OnePlus 2

So it’s confirmed now that the Oneplus 2 will be smaller than the one or there will be different variant with small screen size.

There is still three weeks left for the arrival of the OnePlus 2 but the phone has become quite popular already and it is grabbing headlines everywhere daily. It will be interesting to see whether it will be able to break the success record of its predecessor Oneplus 1.

We also know the following stuff:

OnePlus 2 Specs

The OnePlus 2 will have a fingerprint scanner and a USB Type-C port (Pictures) and will be officially outed on July 27 in virtual reality and yes the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset.

OnePlus 2 will come out in 3 different models, So different prices will be for each. So pricing of OnePlus Two will not disappoint us. Its again a low budget specs rich smartphone.

Pricing also reveal that this time also 128 GB will not be present and 64 GB will be maximum storage available at price below 450$. However no one can give surity as OnePlus have not revealed anything related to this.

Now The question have been answered. No, we don’t have the exact value of the Oneplus Two price but we can confirm that oneplus two will be budget friendly according to it’s specification as this time we get a quote straight from the company’s CEO, Pete Lau ‘ I can Promise That The Oneplus Two Will Be Priced Under 450USD’. That is roughly around INR 28.000. A little bit more expensive but marginally in budget.

OnePlus 2 Price

In a post on the company’s official Google+ page, Lau is quoted as saying “Honestly, it’s never been about the price. We simply make the best smartphones we can, and we go from there.”

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