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CREO’s FUEL OS Best And The Most Fascinating Features !

CREO an India-based startup launched its first smartphone in the Indian market the CREO Mark 1. The Mark 1 is a flagship device for the new company there’s nothing so much exciting about the product, therefore, the main focus for the company is the software

Claiming a new phone every month ie monthly updates for the device monthly OS updates that will improve the phone’s performance and add some exciting new features. But as of now let’s walk you through a slew of interesting features FUEL OS has in store for its users and the way it would reconstruct the user experience.

Though this concept isn’t new alike to what Nexus and the Cyanogen OS users already get so what’s special? well, it’s not just the changelog that you rarely succeed in figuring out, what’s new after the update is CREO will improve the updates with an intro video that will walk you through all the new features At the launch company already mention the updates scheduled for the next month. ReFuel an app powering the updates, acts as a centre-stage for Feature Suggestions, Forums, Support, Mark 1 tips etc. You can also Submit your idea in the reFUEL app and your phone is all about features that you choose.

This feature is kind of similar to voicemail and we even use to pay for this type of features but in FUEL OS, there is a built-in answering machine Echo will answer your calls for you when you busy and Echo greets your caller and record messages for you. Recorded voice messages are stored on your phone and there is no involvement of internet connection nor any cost !

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The worst nightmare for any smartphone owner his/her  device being stolen or lost all your data your personal information in jeopardy, Yes android phones do have tracking feature but Creo’s FUEL OS works at an IMEI level It is sure-fire in detecting burglary and It automatically sends alerts to your Email ID even if a new SIM is inserted into your phone, the app still manages to trace the phone and let you know this feature also works without an active internet connection and even after a factory reset.

Tapping twice on the home screen activates this feature you can type in anything that you want in the search box The search is carried out over several apps and the result is also based on the app from which you activated Sense.

Messaging helps in sorting your messages into rational categories like texts from your closed one’s friends, family members, boss etc  business messages or spam. It is an SMS inbox for a cleaner texting experience. another feature named Quick reply allow you to copy OTPs and reply to messages without opening your inbox.

Many users are frequent travellers and they usually carry two SIM cards seldom SIM both SIM might not work properly say 1 is out of coverage while the 2 still has a strong network this thing makes sure you’re working SIM is set as default and Smart Forwarding auto-diverts calls made to an unavailable SIM.

This is a very common feature available in most of the android devices and even the FUEL OS has some cool gesture support to make you phone truly yours and customizable you can directly Launch the camera app, turn on the flashlight or take a screenshot of your device.



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