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Cortana for Android Leaks Early

Cortana for Android Leaks Early

Microsoft was supposed to release the Android version of Cortana by the end of this month as a companion app to Windows 10 PCs. That may even still be their official plan. However, the app leaked today and is installable on just about every Android device.

After installing Cortana, you’ll have to run through a quick setup process that includes agreeing to the terms and telling Cortana your name. You can also sign into your Microsoft account, assuming you have one. The app has a few Google Now-ish features with weather, news, and local destination cards.

Cortana is a bit like Siri or Google Voice search in that you can ask it about events or to help you find restaurants or how your favorite sports teams are doing. You can also have it track your flights, check the weather, tell you news, and display showtimes for movies at nearby theaters. You can customize many of those categories, as well, by adding in your favorite teams, news categories, food types, and cities. Unfortunately, you can’t say “Hey Cortana” to get her attention yet –  even when you’ve got the app open.

We’re playing with it now to see if it’s any good. While we do that, feel free to get after it with us. You can grab the .apk file below and sideload it.

Cortana Leaked

We don’t expect this leaked Cortana copy to stick around for much longer, but it’s a good sign that Microsoft is indeed getting close to an official release.

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