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Post To Instagram Directly From Your Mac Using Uploader For Instagram

Most people’s biggest gripe with the photo-sharing site Instagram is that they can’t upload photos directly from their Macs. There are a few workarounds for this, but most of them are intrusive, labor intensive, and far from user-friendly. The aptly titled Uploader for Instagram seeks to simplify this process so that anyone can easily post from whatever device they choose.


How to Install MIUI 6.5.4 Update On Mi 4i (to Fix Heating Issue and Performance)

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MIUI 6.5.4 is only for Mi 4i users and it is a Pre OTA update meaning it might get released as a OTA update to all Mi 4i users and as of now if any one would like to be a part of testing this version you can download it and test it.

How To Install MIUI 6.5.4

  • Download this File
  • Connect your Mi 4i to a Windows PC
  • Copy the downloaded file into “downloaded-rom” folder of Mi 4i
  • After copying the File safely remove your Mi 4i
  • Now On your Mi 4i open Software Update App
  • Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 1.32.20 AMNow follow the steps shown in picture and when you see the File tap on it (make sure your phone is charged upto 60-70 percent.Screen-Shot-2015-05-16-at-1.32.07-AM-940x738
  • It will take around 10-15 minutes to complete do not panic.
  • After some time your phone will be updated to MIUI 6.5.4

Also those who are not sure please don’t do it I won’t be responsible. You might get a update soon.

Is it worth updating watch the video below.

Can't wait to have your own Apple Watch? We'll show you how to get Notifications from iOS To Android Wear Device

Moto 360 And iPhone
Moto 360 And iPhone

Google is supposedly working on making Android Wear smartwatches compatible with iPhone, which might be a clever way to combat Apple’s popular Apple Watch. However, while Google has yet to release Android Wear support for iOS, and you can’t wait to have your own Apple Watch? We’ll show you how to get Notifications from iOS To Android Wear Device. Here’s how


How To Get Android L Features On All Android Devices

Android L is the all new Android version and it is still in Developing stage but as we have seen many great Android L Features highlighted at Google I/O 2014 we can’t wait anymore to see on our devices, obviously we all won’t get the Android L update so here are few Apps that you can install and enjoy as well as show off your friends!


Watch and read full details below to get all of these features right now!!

The way we look on notifications right now will completely change on Android L, Yes they are Inspired by iOS but there are few changes and tweaks they have added which makes this notification style more useful for daily usage.

NiLS Lockscreen Notifications is the App that you will need to get the android L style Notifications working on your devices.

Android L wallpaper is cool and simple and will give your device the Android L look.

Android L Wallpaper – Simple and easy to apply, also you can search on web for the wallpaper in case you don’t want a separate App!

Android L Keyboard looks like you have applied a theme on your keyboard it’s so cool and stylish also works fine!

Android L Keyboard – Simply easy to install just follow the steps and enjoy experiencing it!

These were few highlighting features that you will see on Android L and you must be used to it till it goes official!

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