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Meet ASUS Zenbo The Cutesy Little Robot Who Can Do Wonders

ASUS at the mega Computex 2016 event announced an upgrade for its existing zenfone lineup with the new ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe, and ZenFone 3 Ultra with metal construction, better camera, and more RAM. With that ASUS also introduced us to the new robot called the “Zenbo” priced at $599.

The little robot is super cute! Zenbo works as your Personal assistant, entertainment system, companion and storyteller. Don’t get fooled by its cutesy look the tiny robot can surprise you.
senior4Zenbo has the ability to roam around your house without any hustle the robot can move freely and can assist you for any purpose the robot has a touchscreen interface. Even the zenbo can dance for you if you like! Zenbo can see with his camera, he can recognize faces take photos make voice calls and provide smart home compatibilities such as control lights, ACs and other electronic gadgets.

The ASUS Zenbo is your ultimate companion, the robot can speak useful audible reminders of important information and be an entertaining bedtime story teller for your kids and can keen an eye on the baby with its camera. Some emergency features are also present and the robot can notify it to family members. Music can be played using this robot. The robot can even Express emotions.senior3During the launch event, Asus Chairman Jonney Shih says that the Zenbo robot is their attempt at assuring “robotic computing for every household.”

You can join the ASUS Developer Program for its robot, members can help the Zenbo developer team to create apps for the robots.

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