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Apple announces OS X El Capitan at WWDC 2015

Apple announces OS X El Capitan at WWDC 2015

Apple just announced OS X 10.11, El Capitan, which is the successor to OS X 10.10 Yosemite that was introduced last year. Among other things, Apple says it focused on two main components for this year’s update: experience and performance.

Apple has announced OS X 10.11 El Capitan. The El Capitan focuses on experience and performance. These includes improvements to Spotlight, windows management, and Apple’s own built-in apps.

El Capitan puts some of its focus on gestures. For instance, when you wake up your Mac by shaking your mouse, the cursor becomes enlarged to make it easier to find. Mail has gained support for two-finger swipe in order to mark a message as unread or delete it. As the name suggests, El Capitan, OS X 10.11 isn’t a major update, but it introduces plenty of great new features designed to make the user experience better. Apple demonstrated a few of the new features onstage today, and although they can be considered small, they add up.


SplitView OS 10.11

Running lots of apps at the same time is one of the great things about using a Mac. Focusing on just one app in full-screen view is another. With Split View, you get the best of both. It automatically fills your screen with the two apps you choose. So you can make dinner plans with a friend in Messages while finding the restaurant in Maps. Or work on a document in Pages while doing your research in Safari. All without the distraction of your other open apps, and without having to manually resize and drag windows around. And your desktop is always just a swipe away, so it’s easy to get back to everything else you were doing.

Mission Control

Mission Control OS 10.11

A streamlined Mission Control makes it easier to see and organize everything you have open on your Mac. With a single swipe, all the windows on your desktop arrange themselves in a single layer, with nothing stacked or hidden. Mission Control places your windows in the same relative location, so you can spot the one you’re looking for more quickly. And when you have lots of windows competing for real estate, it’s now even simpler to make more room for them. Just drag any window to the top of your screen, and drop it into a new desktop space. It’s never been this easy to spread out your work.

Cursor OS X 10.11

Small examples, when you wake your computer, Apple is making is much easier to find your mouse cursor by making it bigger (it’ll get smaller once your computer completely wakes up) are also a part of new OS X


Spotlight OS 10.11

Spotlight gets even smarter in El Capitan, delivering results for weather, sports, stocks, web video, and transit information. And now you can ask Spotlight to find a file using natural language — so when you’re looking for something, just type it the way you’d say it.1 Spotlight is also more flexible: You can resize its window to see more results and move it anywhere on your desktop.
Ask in your own words.
Searching for files has never been easier now that Spotlight understands natural language.1 For example, type “email from Harrison in April” and Spotlight shows you email messages that match. You can also use more complex searches, like “presentation I worked on yesterday that contains budget,” and you’ll get just what you’re looking for. You can search with your own words in Mail and Finder, too.


Outside of new features, Apple also talked about Metal for Mac, which means OpenGL is out. The addition of Metal means rendering efficiency has been improved quite a bit. A company like Adobe was brought in, and it saw 8x improvement in rendering effect in After Effects. Adobe will adopt Metal in its OS X apps, so get excited. (There was an audible reaction in the affirmative here in our office once that news dropped.)

The first beta is coming this July, while the upgrade, which will be free as usual, is coming this fall.


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