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Android N Developer: Overview

Google decided to surprise all of us by dropping the newest version of Android: Android N to the developer today!

So, Google out of the blue surprised the developer by releasing the Android N update. The way you can get your hands on Android N is by going the developer website and installing the update on any of your Nexus Device.




New Features: An Overview

Android N


The first thing we noticed out of the box was the new multitasking view. The multitasking view is redesigned a little bit, you can notice at a glance that the app cards are big – covering the whole screen. The cards are so big that all you can see is 1 app at a time on the screen.

The spotlight of this update seems to be the split screen multitasking developed right into Android N. Yes! Finally, Google decided to borrow Samsung’s best feature and embed it right into stock Android.

Android N


The split screen multitasking looks and feels like a much cleaner and polished version of that of Samsung’s version. I also work seamlessly in both portrait and landscape view.

You can now flip between your current and previous app simply by double-tapping the overview button. At the top of each card is a countdown progress bar that will automatically maximize the current app in about a second unless you keep hitting the button

New Quick Settings and Settings Page


There’s a new way to handle Quick Settings, too. Google gives you a short row of icons at the top of the notification shade, and hitting one of those buttons will directly toggle Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or whatever. If you pull it down farther, you can customize what appears in Quick
 Android N
The main Settings screen has also been refreshed. Each line shows much more information now. Up at the top, there’s a “Suggested” area for settings that Android things you’ll want to pay attention to. We’ve seen Data Saver, Security, and Wallpaper up there so far.

Battery Optimization

 Android N


Battery optimization is and always will be one of the most important aspects of any Android release.Marshmallow introduced Doze Mode and App Standby. Android N has polished Doze and tweaked it to work even when it’s in your pocket, much like Greenify’s new hibernation features.


Android N
We’re expecting to hear much more about Android N at Google IO this May. There are a few other changes in the corners (though not, it must be said, to the Easter egg Flappy Bird clone), so if you have a spare Nexus it’s worth a look.
If you don’t have a spare, you really should not install it. As good as it is, it is still a preview, and it should not be something you use every day.

Photo credits: The Verge

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